Novel Brews: Top Bookshops Where You Can Sip and Read

In recent years, the concept of combining a bookstore with a coffee shop has become increasingly popular. This trend has given rise to a new breed of bookshops where customers can not only browse through shelves of literary treasures but also enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee while they read.

One such bookstore that has successfully embraced this concept is The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. Located in the heart of downtown LA, The Last Bookstore is a sprawling space filled with books from floor to ceiling. In addition to its vast collection of new and used books, the store also features a cozy coffee bar where customers can relax with a latte or cappuccino as they peruse their latest literary find.

Another standout example is Shakespeare and Company in Paris. This iconic bookstore has been a beloved literary institution for decades, attracting writers and readers from around the world. In addition to its extensive selection of English-language books, Shakespeare and Company also boasts an on-site cafe where visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or espresso while soaking up the store’s bohemian atmosphere.

Closer to home, McNally Jackson Books in New York City offers book lovers the perfect blend of literature and caffeine. With several locations throughout Manhattan, McNally Jackson is known for its well-curated selection of books spanning all genres. Customers can grab a seat at the store’s cafe and sip on an artisanal coffee or tea while flipping through pages of their favorite novel.

For those looking for something more offbeat, The Wild Detectives in Dallas provides an eclectic mix of books, beer, and wine. This unique bookstore-bar hybrid hosts regular author events, live music performances, and even book-themed trivia nights. Visitors can choose from an impressive selection of craft beers or wines while browsing through The Wild Detectives’ carefully curated collection of literature.

No article about bookshops where you can sip and read would be complete without mentioning Powell’s Books in Portland. As one of the largest independent bookstores in the world, Powell’s offers visitors an unparalleled selection of new and used books across multiple floors. The store’s on-site cafe serves up delicious pastries alongside locally roasted coffee – making it the perfect spot to spend hours getting lost in your latest literary obsession.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner to curl up with a good book or seeking out lively literary events paired with your favorite brew, these top bookshops offer something for every type of reader. So why not grab your current read and head over to one of these cozy establishments for an afternoon filled with words and warmth?


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